HP's Tiny Pocket Playlist Records Hulu Or Netflix Video Then Shares It Via Wi-Fi

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    HP's Tiny Pocket Playlist Records Hulu or Netflix Video Then Shares It via Wi-Fi (click for full article)

    "This sleek, simple HP pebble is more powerful than it looks. The Pocket Playlist is a portable storage device which can store and record media from a host of sources, then stream it to five devices over Wi-Fi, no internet connection required.

    The stick is capable of streaming unencrypted content-movies, music, images, whatever-to up to five mobile devices at any one time, reports Slash Gear. Perhaps most exciting is the fact that it works with streaming apps, too: a PlayLater account will let you record media from Hulu or Netflix to the stick, so you can watch it later, for free, on a bunch of devices. In fact, it supports Android, Windows Phone and iOS straight out of the box.

    All of this is nice, and then you look at the size of the thing (see the picture below). It's tiny! Squeezed into that frame is enough storage for, according to Slash Gear, 16 full-length movies, 7,600 songs or 10,000 photos. (HP hasn't said what that amounts to in absolute storage terms, though, sadly.) It will go on sale in the US on February 15th, and will cost $130. Seems like a bargain for groups on the go. [Slash Gear]"
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    I have been using PlayLater to record Hulu and various sites for playback on Google TV for awhile now. All that is needed is a PlayLater account, capable PC and a USB flash drive, it works great.

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