How To Resume A YouTube Video On GTV From Where You Left Off

Discussion in 'Google TV FAQs' started by CatfishRivers, Jul 8, 2014.

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    I came across this tip (on another forum) for resuming a YouTube video (on GTV) from where you left off.


    From the above link:

    DK Stanford
    What to Watch on GTV - Yesterday 11:39 PM

    One of my big complaints about YouTube on GTV (or Roku) is the inability of the app to resume a video where you left off (like what Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video does). The lack of this feature really impaired my ability to watch long-form YouTube videos since I couldn't always commit to watching them all in one sitting.

    So I finally figured out that Plex actually handles this task flawlessly. Instead of watching longer videos in the YouTube app, I just use the "Plex It!" feature of Plex to add them to my queue and voila! I now have the ability to stop a YouTube video and resume it where I left off at any point in the future. It works flawlessly and makes resuming YouTube videos as easy as on Netflix.

    I've been using this to stream about every Louis Theroux documentary as YouTube seems to have almost all his stuff. Check those out if you get a chance!
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    Thanx for the info.

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