How to install xbmc nightly with external player on the tg-nl17d

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    Step 41: Select the “Get Add-ons” option now.

    Step 42: Open “Bstrdsmkr’s Repository” followed by “Video Add-ons” and then “Install” the “1Channel Plugin” video addon. For the 1Channel addon specifically, you’ll might want to click the “Configure” button, uncheck “Use meta data” then press the “Ok” button.

    Step 43: Go back two levels and do the same with the “XBMCHUB.com Addon Repository” and the “XBMC.org Add-ons” as you desire.

    Step 44: Once you’ve enabled all your chosen addons, wait about five minutes for the whole XBMC system to update itself and its components.

    Step 45: Go back one menu level to the “Settings” main menu under the “SYSTEM” tab.

    Step 46: Scroll down to the “SYSTEM” submenu on the left side and then choose the “Audio output” tab. Change the “Audio output” option from “Analog” to “Optical/Coax” instead.

    Step 47: Exit XBMC once again, and after a few seconds relaunch the “XBMC” application.

    Step 48: Go to the “Add-ons” tab under the “VIDEOS” menu.

    Step 49: Open the “1Channel” video addon.

    Step 50: Use it as you wish, remember that the best sources are always PutLocker, SockShare, MovPod, VideoWeed, GorillaVid, FileNuke and FileBox. Sometimes certain sources won’t work, that’s normal, just choose another.

    Step 51: Jump with Joy, XBMC is Configured. If you have problems when video is playing, click the window while it’s playing to pause and make sure that it says “H/W” in the top right corner of the display, not “S/W” and if it does you can just click it to change it, then click in the middle of the screen to replay the video.

    Congratulations! Now your TG-NL17D device can spend some time out of its box in your drawer. Hope you enjoy this workaround to use hardware decoding with XBMC until it’s officially launched.

    And if you order from twingro, they will install for you only you contact with them and said that.

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