How to have the Sony decode to Multichannel PCM Output

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    Hi everybody

    I just purchased the Sony unit to replace a logitech revue and I am having a hard time configuring the audio settings properly. My Denon AVR has been having a problem with an annoying loud pop on chapter or scene changes or pausing and restarting with dolby digital sources. I was able to avoid this with my older DVD player and with the Revue as I could have those units decode the dolby digital signal and output multichannel PCM over HDMI. Although the specs say that the revue can decode dolby digital and other multichannel sources, outputting uncompressed multichannel pcm, I have been unable to find any settings that actually make this happen. I can get dolby digital and dts bitstreamed from DVD or passed through from my cable STB, but cannot get the Sony to decode them and output anything but 2.0 channel PCM. Am I doing something wrong here?

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