How Roku Wants To Beat Apple By Treating Your TV Like A Smartphone

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    Roku CEO Anthony Wood Interview (click for full article)

    "With all the talk surrounding Apple's rumored television set, it's easy to glance over the other companies tackling the so-called "Smart TV" space.

    Of all the connected TVs, Blu-Ray players, Google TV boxes, video game consoles, etc., Roku has one of the most popular devices out there.

    And they say they're just barely beating Apple in the space, at least in terms of how many boxes they've sold so far in the U.S. (However, we couldn't confirm specific numbers, so take that claim with a grain of salt.)

    We had a chance to sit down with Roku's CEO Anthony Wood to get a look at how the company plans to stand out in a space that seems to be getting pretty crowded all of the sudden."
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