How One Sports Geek Wants To Save Cable TV With Data

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    How one sports geek wants to save cable TV with data — Cloud Computing News (click for full article)

    "Mark Phillip wants to save cable television. Well, kind of. He really wants to make life easier for sports fanatics like himself, but in doing so has created something he thinks could save cable and satellite providers from the cord-cutting craze that companies like Netflix and Hulu have helped bring about. The secret to his possible success: data.

    Phillip's creation is an application called Are You Watching This?!, or RUWT, something with which sports fans might already be familiar. It's already available on iOs and Android devices, as well as on web browsers, and it constantly analyzes streams of sports data to let fans know what games they should be tuning into and where they can find them on TV and enables them to vote on games Digg-style. For Google TV and TiVo users, RUWT actually lets them change the channel to tune in to a game.

    Now, RUWT is looking to make an even bigger impact - and lots of money - by opening its API to third parties. And Phillip says the broadcast-television world is drooling with anticipation; an unnamed cable company already tried to buy RUWT a couple of times, says Phillip. Not only do they see the potential to revolutionize how people watch sports on TV, but RUWT's technology could be expanded to all types of programming."
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