How I got Plex to stream HD content with a 54G router for $15

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    This solution may not be a viable option for everyone but it might be helpful to some so I thought I should post it.

    So, I live with roommates in a house which came equipped with an old wireless router and nobody wants to fork over $$ for a new dual band router. I have a Macbook Pro and a 32" Sony Google TV and I wanted Plex for streaming but I knew our router could not handle HD streaming so after a bit of research I discovered a solution.

    This does require a wired connection but the answer is to set up a Wireless Bridge and to do that you need two wireless routers and at least two Ethernet cables. Everyone already has one router so you just visit Craigslist and search for a cheap wireless router. It doesn't have to have gigabit ports but you probably want to make sure it has Wireless B/G/N. Before purchasing it is important that you first check the DD-WRT router database to make sure the router is a supported device.

    dd-wrt dotcom/site/support/router-database (Sorry, had to alter the address because of the idiotic rules of this forum)

    I bought the Linksys WRT150N for $15 and I happen to have a couple Ethernet cables that are pretty long.

    Once you have the router you have to update the firmware to a DD-WRT release. What is DD-WRT you ask? It is firmware that adds a lot of features and customization to your router. A few router manufactures sell their routers with it already installed so you might not have to update anything. Google DD-WRT for more info if you want.

    Once you have DD-WRT firmware installed you follow the steps in the photo below to set up a wireless bridge. *NOTE*: For the wireless security mode on the secondary router you need to match the primary, which may not be WEP.

    dd-wrt dotcom/wiki/index.php/Image:Standard_bridge_large.jpg (Sorry, had to alter the address because of the idiotic rules of this forum)

    So, you will be able to stream Plex HD content and access the internet through your wired connection. I've done a bunch of tests on SpeedTest.net and my pings are still 12ms and I still get 20mbps downloads on a 15mbps connection.

    I hope this is helpful.

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