How ESPN Thinks About The Future Of Its Product And Technologies

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    Iterations: How ESPN Thinks About The Future Of Its Product And Technologies | TechCrunch (click for full article)

    by Semil Shah - May 26, 2013

    Editor's Note: Semil Shah is a contributor to TechCrunch. You can follow him on Twitter at @semil.

    "After spending time in the comforts of the Valley as a founder, operator, and venture capitalist, my friend Ryan Spoon headed east - to Bristol, Conn., of all places - to follow the intersection of his passion: technology and sports. And he's not just at another sports company - he's at ESPN, a sports network that reaches over 100 million homes with annual revenues approaching $8 billion.

    As one of the most valuable media networks out there, ESPN is also at an interesting point with respect to the shift happening in broadband, their subscriber fees, and the opportunities and challenges presented with mobile technology.

    Now as the SVP of Product for ESPN, the massive sports media and entertainment company, I invited Ryan and his colleague, Aaron LaBerge, who runs technology, to share some insights of how they left the technology world and ended up at ESPN and what ESPN thinks about the intersection of mobile and social in delivering content, developers and their APIs, the emerging hardware ecosystem for sports and fitness, and much more."
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