Home Video Sales Rise 1st Time In 3 Years

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    Blu-ray Puts Home Video In The Black

    Washington, D.C. (November 1, 2011) -- The home video business has experienced its first quarterly increase in three years and rising sales of Blu-ray high-def discs was a big reason, reported the trade group, the Digital Entertainment Group.

    The group said home video sales increased by five percent in the third quarter, led by a 58 percent increase in Blu-ray sales, compared to the third quarter of 2010. Digital movie sales, which includes streaming and downloads from VOD companies such as Vudu, rose 13 percent.

    The combined success of Blu-ray and digital sales off-set a continued decline in DVD sales. DEG reported that 33.5 percent of homes now own Blu-ray players, a 52 percent increase over the last year.

    The trade group said sales of Blu-ray editions of box office hits now often exceed 50 percent of overall sales. But it added that sales of older titles are also rising, particularly with high-profile titles such as Star Wars, Scarface and Citizen Kane.

    The DEG also reported that 69.5 million U.S. households now own High-Definition TVs, which should bode well for Blu-ray sales increasing again in the coming months.


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