HiSense 65h9908 - Side Loaded Apps Disappear (Hulu)

Discussion in 'Google TV Help' started by flatspotting, Feb 4, 2019.

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    Feb 4, 2019
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    Hi everyone, having a bit of an issue and can't figure out what is causing it.

    Basically I have a VPN setup, USA google account, but live in Canada.

    I have Hulu, and I use it on my PC just fine, and on my phone just fine with a sideloaded APK.

    I side loaded the APK onto my TV - at the end of the install I hit 'open' and it opens, and I can watch Hulu just fine.

    The problem is, the second I close the app, or back out - it's gone, poof. No icons, no anything. If I re-install the APK it asks to modify an existing installation, so it's in there somewhere... but I get no icon/way to launch it.

    Anyone had this for Hulu, or any other apps? It's driving me nuts.

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