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    For the development of a pilot / proof of concept application for vertical / industrial market

    We are looking for a freelancer with the following profile:

    - expert in Google TV
    - proven experience in hacking the Revue
    - expert in developing custom apps with advanced 2D graphic mods

    Absolute plus points would be:
    - expert with Linux in general
    - experience with kernel and device drivers
    - experienced in encrypted file systems

    The project is not about creating a simple app. It starts with the splash screen and ends with playing some serious, deeply customized video content.

    Ideally the freelancer can pack his bags, jump on the plane and stay with us for the time of development. We'll arrange accommodation and a work spot. We are based in SE Asia, beaches are endless and the weather is great. Working pace and pressure will be high however, this not a holiday.

    If you're interested, send your CV including your past projects and detailed overview of your development experience.

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