Hillcrest Labs Open Sources Kylo Web Browser For TVs, Hopes People Want One

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    Hillcrest Labs open sources Kylo web browser for TVs, hopes the people want one - Engadget (click for full article)

    "We didn't hear much from Hillcrest Labs' Kylo web browser for TVs after it launched in 2010, but now the company is apparently turning its fate over to the community.

    A Mozilla-based browser, Kylo will work with any mouse but is designed specifically for its Freespace pointer controls. It's available under the Mozilla Public License which means others can use it for commercial products, but so far web connected products have been slow to take off and even Google TV has had trouble pushing a typical browser experience on HDTVs.

    Interested devs can snag the code at Kylo.tv or GitHub, we'll see if anyone builds anything with more market impact."
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