Here's Why Google Bought Songza

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    Here?s why Google bought Songza - The Washington Post (click for full article)

    by Gail Sullivan - July 2, 2014

    -- We’re way past the days of messy, anything-you-get-for-free downloading on Napster. People want their music the way museums want their collections and sommeliers want their wine cellars: curated.

    Any not by just anyone — by experts. That’s why major tech companies are snapping up digital music services that offer the ability to create playlists suited to users’ changing moods, activities, even the weather.

    On Tuesday, Google confirmed rumors it is buying Songza, a music app that makes customized playlists – including ones inspired by current weather conditions thanks to a partnership with the Weather Channel. The free, ad-supported app also offers sounds for a range of moods – cocky, lush, visceral and rowdy, to name a few, and for activities such as “dirt road driving” or “shopping at a vintage store.”

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