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Discussion in 'Google TV Help' started by garfieldltd, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Hi, I am a newbie to Logitech Revue (LR). So far I am enjoying the features it comes with. However, I don't have a STB, only OTA, and I have to switch between TV and LR through the TV remote button. I would like to connect my Philips DVD recording that has an OTA tuner built-in to the LR. My questions are:
    1. Can I set the Philips DVDR as the STB in the LR set up? If so, how can I do that?
    2. If there is no way to integrate the Philips DVDR, can I control the functions, e.g. channel up, down, etc.. of the DVDR using the LR keyboard? Is there a way to 'teach' the LR the commands of the DVDR?
    3. Are there OTA STBs that are supported by LR? Any recommendations would be appreciated...
    4. I am able to use the FN key with the TV button to switch from TV to LR but I can't switch back and forth.

    Any advice on how to resolve the above questions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    You can also add practically any device as an STB by opting for the "-Not on this list-". I went ahead and tested that by adding my Sony CX-DVP995 as one. At first, the wizard told me that this device was not found; however, forging on I went through to teach: "1", "Channel Up", and "Select". The Revue then downloaded the rest of the IR codes from the Harmony Database.

    Once it has the codes, you can go though the "Customize Controller keys" control panel from the "Input" settings to assign different IR commands to each customizable key.

    Yes, go to GTV Settings > Input devices > Customize Controller Keys

    Basically the Revue can support any device that outputs HDMI audio/video and is controlled via IR remote.

    The key is probably set to specific input, instead of rotating through your inputs. Go to the Customize Controller Keys control panel to set it to a different function.

    Sorry, I am unable to help you. Have you tried calling Logitech Customer Service?

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