HELP: NSZ-GS7 won't locate my device

Discussion in 'Sony's NSZ-GS8 / NSZ-GS7' started by cardiffgiant, Nov 1, 2013.

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    I have a Sony Google TV NSZ-GS7 and am running Windows 8 from my PC. I am trying to stream media from my PC to my Google TV but it can't locate my PC as a device on Google TV. I have turned on sharing on my PC, went to "choose media streaming options" and made sure both devices (my PC and the Google TV) were set to "allowed" and still when I search for devices on my Google TV Media Player it can only find "internal memory" and, for some reason, my roommates laptop shows up as a device (though she doesn't know how or why hers shows up, she didn't even know it was possible so its obviously not a setting she did on purpose. She is running Windows 7, by the way).

    All the articles I've read and videos I've watched say that once you turn on sharing on your PC and change the media streaming options, that it should work. However, mine does not.

    Any ideas?


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    Click Menu on the GS-7 in the Media Player App. Then choose Select Devices. You should notice both the Google account and the name of yer PC. Click on the PC name and the files should show up. Unless you are accessing a specific folder, you should click on All Videos.

    If your media content does not show up, return your Library on yer Win 8 PC to default settings and reset your network sharing settings. To make sure all files are enabled to be shared go to: PC Settings>Network>Home group. The Videos, Documents or other files you want to share w/yer GS-7 must be in the On position no matter what you may have set in the specific Libraries.

    I actually don't like this method except when I want to view all content. The GS-7 video being played often pauses or stops completely w/an error msgs that the file is corrupted. (This may be due to lack of memory on this device.) One way to avoid this is to choose specific files to be sent to GTV on a play by play basis. That would require enabling the Play To feature.

    But ya can't have both...


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