Help me with hard drives please

Discussion in 'Android TV' started by kodibeatscable, Nov 10, 2016.

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    Hi I'm new here, I'm sorry for bad typing grammar and all stupid learning disabilities.

    I love my new mxq 4k box, a couple weeks and dozens of reloading. crap this beats

    Cable, movies. enough crap to do past when I die lol.

    But now I have my dream build! backing up every move so I don't loose it like the the many others.

    But now my box storage only has 4g left, i found a way to root my drives, I mean under hard drive

    Information under settings, my 1tb drive micro and thumb drive all now say internal storage.

    But even though they are rooted and say internal storage i can't merge with the box drive

    All I can do is use them before rooting they were useless and errors when I tried to use

    Them! I need my 1tb drive so bad it's the perfect build and I don't want to stop backing

    It up every step but I'm running out of room.

    Everyone has trouble with rooting well i did it, they read internal now i have to merge

    Please help me
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