Help Me Get The Most From My Google TV (Please?)

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by ticklemeozmo, Jan 29, 2012.

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    I had purchased the Logitech Revue (although this is not specific to the device, more GTV 3.1 as a whole) and I'm having real trouble understanding how this device is supposed to make my TV viewing better.

    I'm interested in seeing "What (of my favorite shows) is (are) on Now (or soon)". The "TV & Movies" app seems more geared to selling you an Amazon instant download. I've found TV Show Favs which does allow me to add favorite shows, and set reminders. With the inclusion of the widget, I can get an improperly formatted widget for the next run of my favorite shows. But this is a third-party download.

    Why can't I search for the next showing of my favorite show on any channel (syndication, etc)? Why can't I have a hot list of favorites with their next showing? I want to type "Family Guy" into the box and it'll tell me when the time it'll be on, and with a click, I can record it. I want to hit a button and see the next showing (on any channel) of my favorite shows. It seems it's missing these BASIC guide functions.

    At it's very core, you have an internet connected device which can overlay any information on the TV. This is -HUGE-. I feel this fact is not used to it's full potential. It seems no more capable than a non-working phone being displayed on your TV. I don't understand what TV-related functions this device is supposed to enhance.

    I was really hoping that Google TV would be a GUIDE-REPLACEMENT/ENHANCEMENT, when in fact, there is virtually NO enhancement. Am I missing something? Right now, it's just a 5"x14" remote that I have to train my girlfriend to use...
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    And you wrote that you're missing out on the benefits.
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    Dish Network subscribers get a service that may approach what you want? Check out channelscheduler development for a cool idea that might be an alternative in the near future as well as the iTV app. Perhaps over time what you are saying will be a reality.
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    For TV & MOVIES, select "FREE" instead of "ALL." That'll help you out right away, and not get you redirected to shows on Amazon and whatnot.

    For me, it is a complete enhancement. I'm constantly discovering new live shows and sporting events and things through the TV and MOVIES app. I prefer searching through Netflix and HBO Go this way. I'm annoyed at the little things here and there, but I also understand that this is very early in the lifecycle of this device. Google is iterative. That's how it works. I was a super early adopter with Google TV, and I was incredibly excited with 3.1.

    You hoped for a GUIDE-REPLACEMENT / ENHANCEMENT. I can see your frustration at not being a replacement ... but it is definitely an enhancement, once you stop wishing for things and start discovering what there is.

    Beyond "not setting Family Guy to record," here are some of the other ways I use it.

    I stream my ripped DVDs for the kids from our network attached storage drive through GTVBox ... without changing inputs on the TV.

    I watch YouTube playlists with the family.

    I use it to display Picasa albums in "Discover" mode.

    I stream Pandora and Google Music through it.

    I toss up the Picture in Picture window and quickly write emails.

    Also with Picture In Picture, I check sports scores while watching live events.

    I Netflix with it. And Amazon Instant Video.

    I control my TiVo, TV and AVR with it.

    I look for movies I'd like to see ... then I use my Redbox shortcut to quickly reserve the movie down the street for a few bucks less :)

    But, hey, that's just me.

    For you, look into Buddy TV. It's free and has a nice guide with more info than the TV and Movies guide. Plus it can track your favorite shows and send you reminders when they're on.
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    Try installing buddytv app. it's much better than Rovi. It's a small consolation. I agree the sort options are not very good, but I rarely use the TV & Movies app. I use local tv DLNA and netflix for the most part. Also might want to look at redux tv app

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