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Discussion in 'Google TV Hardware Discussion' started by dzg, Jun 29, 2013.

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    I have a Logitech Revue. Love the keyboard, love all the ports, but it's too slow, too old, not enough RAM, doesn't do HBO or Amazon in any way that's practical.

    So I'm in the market for something better, but losing my mind with all the options.

    Here's what I NEED:
    - DLNA support, or at least Plex/XBMC, to stream content from network PC/server
    - Pandora
    - HBO Go
    - Amazon Instant*
    - Netflix
    - Digital audio out (optical or coax)
    - 1080 output

    I would also WANT
    - Airplay / some way to stream music from mobile phone and other computers in the house
    - Google Play Music (all access)
    - Google Play Movie & TV rentals
    - Easy way to listen via headphones (for late night solo viewing of noisy & violent movies & shows)
    - HDMI input (like the Revue)
    - Built-in torrent downloading app (dream on....)

    * I love the Revue keyboard -- but I don't see ANYthing on the market with anything "remotely" similar
    * I love the Roku 3 headphone jack on remote -- but it doesn't have digital audio out (WTF, roku?!)

    Not sure if I should stick with GTV platform.
    Roku? Apple TV? Boxee?

    Maybe I need to use an HTPC to get everything I need -- maybe a Mac Mini.

    Anyone tried any of the Asian devices from boxtoptheater.Com? Like the Slav or the gbox midnight?

    Thanks for any input !

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    It's hard to say if HBO GO will put out an app for GTV. If they do it would probably come after the Jellybean update (the GTV Jellybean update will add hardware support for DRM).

    GTV has a torrent app of sorts called "Mitty".

    IMO as you mentioned a HTPC would give you the most functionality - but it would cost a lot more than GTV. I'd stay away from Boxee as it's pretty much dead. Apple TV just got an HBO GO app so that's something you might consider.

    A Mac-Mini would be an excellent choice.

    I would wait until the reviews for the GTV Jellybean update are out before making a decision on GTV. As you are probably aware the GTV Jellybean update will remove Flash from the GTV browser. It's unknown now if Flash workarounds with the GTV Jellybean update will be functional.
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    Aug 1, 2011
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    The Roku 3 of course has digital audio output over HDMI but no optical audio output. I consider the Roku 3 not very good for or just won't handle many of the items on your list but is excellent for others, you should be able to figure which things will be covered from revue5's excellent comparison work. I use both Roku and Google TV although there is much redundancy, there are a few things the Roku can do that Google TV can't do and a few things it does better than Google TV. There are many things Google TV does that Roku does not handle.

    As far as the Logitech K700 keyboard, I use it with a unifying receiver to control a Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV box and it does a good job. The NSZ-GS7 does have optical audio output and is very similar to the Logitech Revue in appearance and operation but NSZ-GS7 works better in my opinion, I have both.
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    Hopefully Google will release a Nexus GTV with the JB update. We should be able to sideload flash onto it. That works fine in JB Smartphones and tablets.

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  6. ponghclub

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    @catfishrivers......i have no ideas MITTY is torrant for GTV. I really do hope this app work well with my co-star. I have torrant app on my PC and tablets... now you make my life a little easy. thanks :p:);)

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