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    Hello Other Geeks!


    No disrespect but if you did any research before you purchased your stand-alone Google TV Box or TV with it built in, you must be an early adapter, like me.
    Yes I have had “Internet” on my TVs since the first WebTV unit, then the Dish “Displayer” DVR back in 1999, RCA’s “Ultimate TV” with DirecTV (my favorite) and finally MSNTV2 with printer even up to my present set. I have now canceled MSNTV2 after my new Logitech Revue unit arrived from Dish Networks. All were on big screen, 55/65 and my latest Samsung 67” flat screen HD unit. Looking around, glad to see I’m not the only one here that had these units, but suspect most here have no idea what I’m talking about.
    I constructed a dedicated Home Theater Room a few years ago that had real HD programing OTA and from VOOM, the first all HD satellite service. I posted pictures of how to build a riser to add second-row seating on a free internet site and have updated it with changes made since. It is unbelievable that over 54K have viewed those pictures with descriptions!

    First off, all the reviewers that have stated that Google TV is a “Geek Thing”, but a “Diamond in the rough” or that it is “Not ready for the public” are in my view, correct. But it is (thanks to Dish) inexpensive as far as “Internet Toys” go, that shows much promise. I love the hardware and many of its present features.

    I would hope that Google stays with this development and does not abandon Google TV as Microsoft did with Ultimate TV, or Cablevision did with VOOM, or not updating as Microsoft did with WebTV. Large companies do strange things, but having ties with Sony, LG and now Samsung plus Blu-ray DVDs, should help, and that Google with deep pockets stays with their new product.

    I have some other neat “early adapter products” (or were at the time of their purchase) like having both DISH and Direct DRVs connected to the “Web”, connected to not only the big screen but also to three other flat screens throughout the home and my desktop computer for viewing and controlling. Both of our vehicles have built in GPS, satellite radio, live traffic, and hard drive blue-tooth “hands free” cell phones. My Wife’s special ordered 2010 Ford Taurus Limited is fully equipped and has the optional radar Adaptive Cruse Control that keeps the vehicle a safe distance behind others and maintains the pre-set speed braking and accelerating. Hell it will even jam on the brakes if a collision is probable. My Dealer said he would never order anything like this for stock? I predict this will be a standard on all cars in the future. It is really cool and a great safety feature.

    Being realistic being an early adapter, as we all are purchasing Google TV now, will not guarantee it will be successful. The average public would have trouble just installing it to the Web or paying the MSLP. Paying 40K for a new vehicle, 4K for computers, $500 TV remotes and so on to have the really cool OTT new things only allows some to enjoy the present. Most would never consider these expensive purchases and would just wait. Google TV will need to become a $100 item with remote, or a rental box with deposit and a service contract like my DVRs/receiver from DISH, to become a true success.
    I’m a big supporter of Internet “Discussion Groups” being a Founding Member of satelliteguys, plus the Moderator over at Dodge-Nitro.com.
    Don’t know how much I will visit/post here, but would like to thank you all in advance for your involvement making Google TV better understood, and hopefully Google will monitor this Site to understand our issues.

    Good Luck to Googletvforum and all its present and future members, and really Google TV!

    2011 should determine if we have really purchased OTT Technology or just another loss effort of what- could- have -been.

    [FONT=&quot]LINK: Logitech Revue with Google TV - Reviews | Tecca[/FONT]
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    Hi Rickaren.
    Nice to see a new comer to our forum.
    It sounds like you have your hands full of toys to play around with.. It sound like ever room is a marvelous sight of things to enjoy.
    I also believe that GTV will really come of opts own in early 2011.
    There is so much potential for this product to grow and mature into something real big.
    Personally, I don't consider GTV, or the other things you have too geeky to me.
    I hope you have a lot of fun here in this forum, sharing unlearning with the rest of this group.
    Glad to have you here and look forward to hearing you and comments of " new " toy so to speak..
    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact any one of us out here, as would love hearing from you.
    Welcome to our forum.....
    Scott, and the GoogleTV Forum Staff.

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