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    Couple of days ago bought the 46" Sony. After much indecisiveness got it anyway. I already have a WDTV media player and using PlayOn so I get Hulu plus much more. This set replaces a 37" Aquos which I was very happy with.
    Initial feeling about this so far:
    Why I bought it: Love the clarity, have a RF remote again, I really think Internet based TV's will take off eventually. Firmware upgradable via network.

    Some things I dislike: Learning curve trying to find how to do things. A simple thing like how to delete unwanted TV channels took me a little while (Oh, through the guide!). I just figured it would have been more up front like right after you did the scan. Media player crashed on me, hopefully a updated or better one will come up.

    I feel that in due time a firmware update can only improve performance of this product. Even better others will create new one to reflash.
    Overall worth it.

    46" Sony Google TV
    WDLXTV Live
    Dreambox 720
    TYwo D-Link DNS-321 servers with 4TB's
    Yamaha RX-V661 AV Reciever
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    Northern Mich.
    Hello Buzzny,

    And welcome to our forum.
    Were are all glad to see new members here at GTV.
    With GTV being such a new media form, there is always things to learn, and this is a great place to start.
    Please have a look around, and if you have any questions or have anything you wish to share, feel free.

    Thanks again,

    The Google TV Forum Team.


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