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    Hello All. I have had my Sony 40" with built in Google tv for a couple weeks now and I love it. yes it has some shortcomings but is is absolutely a great product and changing the way I watch tv.

    Anyone figure out a way to search you DLNA content? I have all my movies served up to the tv using windows media player but I cannot search it, must scroll and it resets to the beginning of the list when I back out of a folder. Very frustrating at times when I am indecisive on what to watch. Also cant play movies encoded in DTS.

    I found this site when I was trying to find out more information on the above.

    I like to assemble my own pc's. Other toys I have are a home built gaming PC, ps3, alienware m11xr3, hp envy 14, Home theater with 50" plasma, iphone 4, etc etc.

    I play starcraft II.
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    Northern Mich.
    Hello djkahn and welcome to our forum!
    I hope you enjoy your new toy and get lots of use outta it..

    I can't wait for Google to send us more apps, as then we will all be in heaven..

    You can try looking here for more of your questions...


    I hope that works for ya..

    Thanks, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask anybody, or feel free to also post comments.

    The Google TV Forum Team

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