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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions & Site Assistance' started by LaxCoach, Dec 27, 2010.

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    I wanted to introduce myself and get active helping and being helped. I am a very tech savvy person who normally is just beyond the cutting edge of technology. I adopt products early and generally become the IT and Support Guy for all family, friends and colleagues.

    I am also considered a product Evangelist to some. I am hoping the GTV becomes what the Apple IIe (Macintosh), Spyglass Mosaic (Netscape Navigator-Explorer), PCLink (America Online.. sidenote: my User name was actually my First Name and Last Initial. I was literally one of the 1st AOL Users). Etc., Etc., Etc. However, for now in; in the current state the GTV is not all that for me.

    It has potential, but it is merely a Internet Browsing TIVO without internal recording ability. Atleast, their is no extra monthly Fee on top of Cable. Am I missing something? So far the best part of this product is the iPhone Remote App. I sure hope you Forum Members can enlighten me. The Netflix on my LG Blu-Ray Player is better? The new GTV Netflix App has a Search, but does not use the QWERTY while I am holding a Keyboard!!! Weird. Please help me out of my Post Christmas Consumer Purchase Regret Syndrome. Hmm... Pharmaceutical Companies are you listening. Perhaps another useless overpriced, patent protected drug for P.C.C.P.R.S. in your making?

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