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    I am Rick Saunders. I am the IT Director of The Children's Inn at NIH. We are a non profit hospitality house on the campus of The National Institutes of Health. We have 59 rooms where children and their families who are at NIH for study can stay for free. One of the amenities we offer is Goggle TV in their rooms. We have them connected through a Verizon FIOS HD box.
    We have the NSZ-GT1 model of the Goggle TV. Recently we have been having problems with units displaying a message on the screen that the date and time are incorrect. More concerning
    is we can't get the message off of the screen. The Goggle TV remote becomes inoperable. Since we can't get past this message we can't watch TV or use the browser or apps in the Goggle TV.
    We have removed the Goggle TV from the configuration and the TV works fine. The Goggle TV is connected to the Internet through either ethernet or Wi-Fi. How can we resolve this issue? Is there a keystroke we are missing? A reset? Any help would be appreciated.
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    No need to keep posting the same question over and over when people are posting an answer to you as all it does is make it hard to keep up when people reply to you as this is the 3rd time I saw the same post

    Your getting that message due to the time change we just had recently and the simplest way to fix it is press the FN+1 to open up the settings and look in the menu where it shows "Date, Time, And Location" and uncheck the Automatic box there and recheck it and that should fix your problems.

    It happens every time to me when the time change happens as the router usually will update its time automatically if set up right and the message your seeing is the tv telling you the time is off due to it noticing the hour difference all of a sudden and not being programmed to know it's supposed to happen like a computer does and hence the pop up.

    The fix I mentioned should help you out but will have to be done with each tv that is affected. Most of the time when I get the popup it will take you to those settings I think and let you do that to fix the problem if you don't ignore the problem I think but may be wrong on that as it's been a while since I have seen that happen due to being used to it

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