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    Thought I'd introduce myself. I currently do not own any Google TV products, but am contemplating the Logitech Revue. Just a couple of questions. If these are better asked elsewhere, I would be glad to do so.

    1. Is there anything in the works from other manufacturers for set top boxes to bring Google TV? I know Samsung has been working on hardware, but hadn't heard anything about just a free standing STB. I presume there will be some revisions to the hardware for the Revue. Are there concerns the current Revue hardware won't be able to fully utilize the features of Google TV as it rolls out? Such as the apps?

    2. I have used Amazon VOD in alleged HD a couple of times with my Panasonic blu-ray player, and was very disappointed in the video quality. I'm not particuarly willing to use the fragile Xbox 360 hardware for Netflix streaming, and am partially interested in Google TV's implementation of that. Does Netflix streaming offer better video quality, or am I setting my sights too high? I don't expect Blu-ray quality from streaming, but I do expect something that looks better than the soft, almost fuzzy appearance I've gotten from VOD. Amazon checked my bandwidth, and I have double the minimum so that is not the problem.

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