Heavyweight Boxing on Wealth TV this weekend, free Wealth TV trial

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    Matt Skelton vs. David Price today and Kevin Johnson vs. Tyson Fury tomorrow. Price and Fury are undefeated, big guys being touted as up and comers but I have only seen brief snippets of both. Kevin Johnson is an American and the Americans haven't done much in the heavyweight division lately but I am not sure he can either. The other three are United Kingdom boxers.

    Free 30 day trial for Wealth TV if you are interested, download the app, but act fact fast the first fight is in a few hours. I just signed up and think the app works pretty well but I am not sure there is enough content of interest for me to keep it beyond the free trial, it is $10/year if I do. It is a rare live TV channel for Google TV or Roku or other connected devices with videos to stream as well.

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