HDTV Expert - Is A Stampede Of Big LCD Displays Coming?

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    HDTV Magazine - HDTV Expert - Is a Stampede of Big LCD Displays Approaching? (click for full article)

    "On Wednesday, July 18, Samsung unveiled its long-awaited 75-inch LCD TV to the public at an event held on the USS Intrepid in its Sea, Air, and Space Museum.

    The fact that Samsung has a 75-inch LCD cut isn't anything new. In fact, Samsung showed this very same product at last month's InfoComm trade show, billing it as the "largest e-LED display available."

    But it was only a matter of time before the product was pushed out onto the market. Sharp has been making waves with their 80-inch LCD TV, which retails for about $5,000 and offers full 1080p resolution with LED backlighting.

    While sales of this product are relatively small in the consumer space - the size and price are daunting to the average buyer - the commercial AV channel is another beast altogether. An ever-increasing number of dealers are now substituting the 80-inch TV for projector installations, motivated by client demand and a significant reduction in cost over a two-piece projection solution with motorized screen and ceiling mounts.

    At InfoComm, Sharp took the wraps off of a 90-inch LCD monitor, and a week later, announced a TV version that will sell for about $10,000. That was probably too much 'buzz' for Sharp for Samsung to stay quiet about its plans. So, ready or not, here is a 75-inch ES9000 LCD TV product that supports Smart TV and 3D applications and has a built-in retractable camera for Skype conferencing."
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    I have been using a projector and big screen for almost 8 years now, currently 100" diagonal screen, and if 80" or above flatscreens become affordable, I am certainly willing to change.

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