HDMI video input port stops working, only cold reboot of NSZ-GS7 fixes it.

Discussion in 'Sony's NSZ-GS8 / NSZ-GS7' started by Beerden, Dec 23, 2012.

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    I have SONY NSZ-GS7 Google TV box, purchased Dec 2012. The video from the HDMI input port stops working if the NSZ-GS7 is powered off and then restarted. HDMI audio continutes to be forwarded to the TV. The only way to fix this is to remove the power cord from the NSZ-GS7 and plug it back in.

    Replugging the HDMI cables does not change anything, though when the HDMI input cable is removed and reinserted, a dark green bar briefly appears at the bottom of the TV screen for about 1/4 second and then back to black. Audio always comes back when the cable is reinserted.

    HDMI cables are brand new and are supplied by Shaw and Costco. Swapping them around makes no difference.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    SONY NSZ-GS7 GoogleTV box serial # GS7 CA2 12C S01-7020556-B
    Motorola DCX3510-M serial # M11240TF0848
    Samsung Smart TV UN46ES6100F
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    I had the HDMI passthrough go dark (sometimes showing a green cast) I tried your cold boot but only a cable swap brought mine back. Just disconnecting and reconnecting the same cable did nothing. I suspect the Sony is much pickier about HDMI cabling than my Revue, which never had passthrough issues. Can you borrow another HDMI cable from a friend or family member?
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    You probably need to replace the existing HDMI cables with "High-speed HDMI cables" - See this link .
    FYI, even if the existing hdmi cables worked with revue - all these new streaming devices, TVs, STBs & AVRs require HDMI 1.4 specification to function properly.

    If you get time, give this a try,


    1. Change GS7 video settings to 720p

    • From Home Screen > Settings > Picture&sound >Resolution > 720p

    2. Change STB video resolution to "720p - click here

    3. then perform the following steps:

    • Turn "OFF" All connected devices and unplug Power cords then HDMI cables.
    • Remove all USB devices from all connected devices.
    • Wait 10 min (if the TV status-light still "On" wait until it goes "OFF").
    • First re-plug the HDMI cables followed by the Power cords.
    • First turn On TV, wait 30 sec,
    • Turn "On" GS7, wait 30 sec,
    • Turn "On" STB.

    Also, have a look here to get some ideas (HDMI handshake ..).

    Good luck :)

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