HDMI signal problem with Sony NSX46GT1

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    I am having an unexpected connection problem with my new Sony NSX46GT1. My connection is the following:

    1. My satelite receiver and another cable receiver both are in the basement, and I hooked both of them to a HDMI switch to send one HDMI cable from the basement to the living room where my Sony TV is located

    [Satelite]----------component cable-----\ [Switch and HDMI converter]------------------------(HDMI cable)--------------[Sony NSX24GT1]
    [Cable]----------------HDMI------------- /

    2. The cable receiver is hooked to the switch by HDMI cable while the satelite receiver is hooked to the switch by component cable (YPbPr) because it doesn't have a HD signal out.

    3. My Sony is displaying the signal that is coming from the switch when the cable receiver output is selected but is not displaying the signal when the satelite receiver is selected.

    4. I tested this connection with another TV (Dynex 42" LCD) in the living room without any problems so that excludes any connection or hardware (HDMI switch) problems. So basically I have an HDMI cable in the living room that when I hook it to my dynex TV it works perfectly but when I hook the same cable to my Sony TV, it is not displaying the signal.

    So I was left with one way to think about the problem that my Sony TV (for some reason) is not converting the signal correctly while my other Dynex 42" TV is displaying the sigmal perfectly. I am wondering if this is actually a malfunction in the TV or if there are some settings that can correct the problem? And if this issue is covered by the one year warranty.

    I will appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
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