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Discussion in 'Google TV Hardware Discussion' started by bukzin, Sep 30, 2011.

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    I saw this on another forum. Would someone comment on these statements?



    Great! Thanks for clarifying that. I'm in need of a receiver that does digital-to-analog (HDMI -> component) because I have an older HDTV that doesn't have HDMI inputs. Had hoped this Pioneer would do the trick, but apparently not.


    Theres only a few devices that do this conversion, and they are "illegal" by rules of HDCP spec, you would want to look for the "MOOME" or "HDFURY" converters, they will take HDMI/DVI with HDCP and convert to analog for older displays, however by HDCP spec they would be considered illegal because they could be used to facilitate recording of a HDCP stream. HDFURY has pulled operations out of the US and MOOME stopped making the standalone converter and only makes internal HDMI input cards for projectors (which is legal since the signal can't easily be intercepted and recorded)

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    The Digital Millennium Copyright ACT (DMCA) made defeating digital copy protection to make a copy a crime, and devices to be used for that purpose are illegal. You can find a copy of the law online if you want. How it is viewed by law enforcement if using a device that could theoretically have a legal use only for legal purposes, I am not an attorney and can't comment. The argument would be the same as there are legal uses for a crack pipe and I am sure most anybody caught with one would claim as much.

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