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    This product was mentioned favorably on the AVS | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews . From the little I've read, it's a unique product; nothing like it sold in the United States. If anyone is knowledgeable about DVR's and audio-visual technology, how do the specs on this device look to you? In the U.S., it seems like Tivo has the market locked-up. The problem is that there is a monthly fee (or lifetime subscription) associated with Tivo products.

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    The incremental cost of TiVo with lifetime service compared to any of the other OTA DVRs is easily justified in my opinion. I have been using TiVo since 2000 and have used or played with much of the competition. I have only read about the ePVision DVR and consider it not worth owning. For a savings of a couple of hundred dollars at best, you will have to deal with rudimentary software, no customer service, and no timely properly tested updates. I don't think it can work with a guide service without paying a monthly fee so if that is correct, you use it very long, TiVo will even be a less expensive option since no monthly fee is required.

    TiVo has the OTA market cornered for good reason in my opinion, the competition must either pay TiVo for use of its patents or try to develop something that works well without violating TiVo patents and so far, no company has pulled that off.

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