Has there been any changes to accessing files off optical disks?

Discussion in 'Sony NSZ-GT1' started by gossipninja, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Last year when I used a sony gt1 (since returned) I found no way to access data (divx, mkv, etc) off of a CDR / DVDR inserted into the bluray drive.
    Now that root has been achieved, has any headway been made that would allow file access off burned media? I know the content on a flash drive is usable (such as using gtvbox) but I have disk media I would love to use and don't want to buy a cheap Bluray player just for my disk content.

    Even though a lot of modern bd players support netflix, divx, etc, I hate the idea of using DLNA to access my network, it is just annoying and much prefer using gtvbox and SMB.

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