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Discussion in 'LG Internet TV' started by Djinn5150, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Ok has anyone programed their harmony remote to work "Fully" with the G2's? I just got mine today and I am loving it, however the lack of controll with the "magic remote" has certainly not passed the wife test, or mine for that matter lol. So far I have got mostly everything I want to work except the "home" button is there a way to put the magic remote into IR mode so I can learn the codes or is it even possible?

    Edit- Yes I am aware the remote is a radio remote and does not "technically" output IR but I know the TV responds to IR so looking for a way to pull up the home screen with the harmony..

    Edit 2: Nevermind I found it..."menu" on the harmony.... Now I can get this to pass the "wife" test no mouse support this way but I will have it near by lol
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