GTV Impossible To Use W/O A Mobilizer - For The Most Part

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    I have come to the realization that Google TV REALLY is unusable without "mobilizing" the websites that one wants to visit. I don't use GTV for games or watching movies. I use it to access the written word only. For those interested in foreign affairs, check out this blog of the new Finance Minister of Greece. Then scroll to the bottom to view the page directly:
    Yanis Varoufakis thoughts for the post-2008 world

    Notice the ease of use of the mobilized page. It's a great inconvenience having to filter nearly every page that you visit through a mobilizer! If there is ONE reason that could be claimed as to why GTV is a failure, it's because of this page-load-lag when pages are not viewed through a mobilizer.

    Ditto for The Economist: The Economist - World News Politics Economics Business Finance

    And the MIT Technology Review, but for a different reason: MIT Technology Review

    I don't believe Chromebook or Chromebox users need to resort to a mobilizer. Can anyone confirm that? And what is lacking in GTV that causes this need to use a mobilizer to view websites? Thank you in advance.

    Edit: Using a Logitech Revue, but I think all GTV's have this same problem.

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