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Discussion in 'Asus Qube' started by willief, May 6, 2013.

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    Hi Fellow Cube-holders! I replaced my overheating and frequently-freezing Revue - which I loved to pieces - with the Asus Cube.

    For the most part I am pleased. I was able to detect my servio server or whatever I use just fine. Dish Network basic integration was a pain as they really try to twist your arm into advanced (read: paid) integration, but it ultimately worked fine. The cube seems as snappy as I can ask for, reacting quickly to button-presses and menu interaction.

    I became nervous about the ir blaster after reading things here and other places. I tracked down my two blasters from the Revue and alas they are not the right size. The blaster for the Cube is slightly larger than the minijack connector for the Revue. Does anyone know if an adapter would even work to increase the diameter of the Revue's blaster? I couldn't be less impressed with the Cube's blaster. It's taped to the cabinet about an inch from my dish receiver and I have to use the Cube's volume control which is less preferred and I can't power the television off and on with the Cube remote.

    Also, the trackpad toggle on the remote is a pain for me. It seems unresponsive most of the time, especially when I want to switch from trackpad to directional pad. I'll press the toggle a dozen times or so before it eventually takes. I don't mind switching to using the phone-app only, but I want the remote to be fully functional.

    Okay! Thanks for your time!
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    An adapter will work to get the Revue IR blasters to work. The Revue has 2.5MM connection, apparently the Asus Cube uses the 3.5MM connector like the Sony models I own. I purchased 3.5MM connection blasters for use with my Sony NSZ-GS7 and NSZ-GT1 but my Revue still works and I wanted triple emitter cables. This is what I am using, it isn't as powerful as the supplied blasters but once placed precisely, it works well enough.

    Triple IR Emitter Blaster Stick on Infrared Blink Eye | eBay

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