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    Whats up everyone!

    So when the Revue's dropped to $99 (with cam) last week I decided to finally get one (actually got 2). Figured I'd give one as a gift to someone this Xmas. Then...on "cyber-monday" I saw that Sony dropped the price on their NSZ-GT1 Blu-Ray GTV box...so I went ahead and got that too (comes tomorrow).

    I have to say...I really dig the Revue. So far I have only used it for 2 days for chillin' on the couch browsing the Android forums et al (like I usually do on my Linux box). But it's soooo much better doing it on a 50" plasma. I don't really rent movies (netflix etc) so I haven't really seen much else the Revue is good for at this point. But I never had any connectivity to my TV...so I plan to take full advantage of it's streaming capabilities.

    But I can honestly say...if I just used it as a browser on the TV, I'm pretty happy with my purchase. I doubt I'll even hook up the cam with it. Hopefully the Honeycomb update will bring this thing to another level.

    NOTE: After using both the Revue and the GT1 box...the Revue is a nice unit and faster than my GT1...but the Sony box works with my system better. Can't wait for the Revue update!

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