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    I've been interested in Google TV since its launch last fall given that it dovetailed with my interest to unplug from my cable provider. I saw the Revue as a way to combine online TV viewing with a browser capability within my HDTV.

    Two things concern me (and still do given that I have yet to purchase a Revue):

    1) With networks denying Google TV access to their shows online, A) is there a point to having Google TV; B) how long is this stalemate expected to continue; C) is there any way for the Revue to circumvent the network-block?

    2) I use torrents quite a bit and wonder how easy it is to integrate the Revue with my home network so that I may access downloaded content on my PC and play it on my HDTV.

    Answers, musings, ruminations, half-baked ideas and incomprehensible gibberish are all welcome.
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    Hello RunnerSMH and welcome to our forum.
    It's good to see new faces joining our community.
    I'll start with # 2 first.

    As of right now , no you can run a proxy, as there are no plug ins available as of yet..
    I do not mess around with the torrent side of things personally here, but you may find some answers there..

    #1 GTV has said time and time again, there will be apps coming in the spring of this year.
    While it may seem like spring in some parts of this country, I'll assure you it is STILL winter here in northern Michigan, and the calendar, and not spring...
    I do believe them (GTV) when they say spring, which starts in a day or 2 and lasts till third week of June.
    I do wish however GTV would post something once in a while to let all of us know that we still do indeed exist.
    That, in a nutshell, sums it up in my own personal feelings.
    I hope that helps some for ya...

    Thanks for joining, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask anytime.

    The Google TV Forum Team

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