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    My GoogleTV units (Blu-Ray and Revue) are connected to plasma TVs. As you may know, plasmas have a rightfully earned reputation of having burn-in issues. When I use GoogleTV I have to be extra cautious not to allow the main menu to stay on the screen for too long. And using the Google Music app is extra stressful because the album art will burn it most definitely! My solution has been to turn off the TV when playing music, but this makes navigating my albums impossible.

    I need a small app for GoogleTV that would simply present a plain black screen. No text, no icons, just a PLAIN BLACK SCREEN. That way I could leave the TV on and sitting on this idle app while the music streams away in the background.

    Now, for a second function of this app: My Panasonic has some anti-image-retention mechanisms for dealing with burn-in. The most effective is a thick white vertical bar that slows swipes across the screen in an endless loop. I've used this periodically to take care of letterbox lines, station IDs and, yes, GoogleTV menus!

    So, this wonderful Plasma-Owners App could launch into a black screen and have a sweeping white bar as a menu option.

    Sound good? Get to it...

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    What happened to your recently purchased Sony NSZ-GS7 box and your new Sony 40" Google TV?

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