Google's Rubin: Android To Dominate Tablet Space In 2012

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    Google's Rubin: Android To Dominate Tablet Space In 2012 - Smarthouse (click for full article)

    "Google big-wig Andy Rubin has declared 2012 the year Android garners a dominant tablet following during a speech given at the 2012 Mobile World Congress.

    Rubin's speech comes at a time when word of a Google-made tablet, similar to the Nexus smartphone, could be coming out.

    Rubin, who is in charge of the company's mobile and digital content division, revealed 850,000 Android devices are being activated daily, putting the Android tally at 300 million.

    These astonishing figures only recognise Android devices activated via Google's servers, and therefore exclude Amazon's Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble's e-reader and Google's TV OS (which according to The Guardian, is a forked version of the software).

    On the tablet front, Rubin revealed 12 million Android tablets have been activated so far. Although claiming the number is "not insignificant," he did concede it's not enough to dominate the market.

    Apple outsold the figure in its last quarter alone with 15.4m iPads being sold during the busy Christmas 2011 season. Since the iPad has gone on sale in 2010, the company has sold over 50 million iterations, capturing 76% market share according to the Telsyte Australian Media Tablet Study 2012."
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