Google's Giving Its Play Store Some Serious Upgrades

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    Google's giving its Play Store some serious upgrades | ITworld (click for full article)

    "August 17, 2012, 12:06 PM - What is Google Play? It's where you buy movies, music, books, TV shows, and magazines to look at on your Android devices (and, sometimes, your browser). It's also where you get new Android apps and updates. Unlike Apple, Google keeps everything in one "store," even some Android devices themselves. As of today, Google's trying to make it much, much easier to rely on that store for apps and spend money there.

    The big but unannounced (as of yet) news: Android apps now use "Smart App Updates," as detailed by Android Police. That means that when an app maker issues an update, the only data that gets pushed to the user is the code that's actually changed, the "delta." Two weeks ago, an update to the Instagram Android app would require another download of the entire 13 MB app. Today, as Android Police points out, the most recent Instagram update pushes just 3 MB of that 13 MB to your phone.

    That makes a difference, and improves over Apple's App Store, in a few ways."
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