Google's Deep Shot Patent: It's All About The Screens

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    Google's Deep Shot patent: It's all about the screens | ZDNet (click for full article)

    "How many screens do you use each day? Your phone? Your computer? Your second computer? Your kid's netbook? A connected TV? A tablet? A refrigerator? (yes, a refrigerator). A new patent reported today on Patentbolt could link all of these screens via mobile cameras like never before, making the Google ecosystem even more attractive, even as it becomes more intrusive.

    The idea behind Google's so-called "Deep Shot" is that the state of any web application (or, at least Internet-connected application) could be captured on a mobile phone using its built-in camera and then replicated elsewhere, using what appears to be a very sophisticated, personalized version of Google's Goggles technology. According to Patentbolt,

    Basically the technology works like this: A user takes a picture of a website like Google Maps on their desktop with a smartphone which then enables the user to open the site in the same state on their phone. Not as a static photo, but as a fully interactive map like the one on their desktop...

    Computer users transition frequently between these devices, for example, leaving their personal computer in their office during lunch and carrying their smartphone with them.

    Deep Shot would enable everything from continuation of a console or PC game onto a mobile device to immediate access to a movie that you were watching on a connected TV and wanted to continue from that point on your tablet. Take a picture of the screen and Deep Shot does the rest. The patent includes a schematic of how Google expects this to work:"

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