Googles' big contibution on Crown capital eco managment org on their Biomass?

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    As the leading search engine Google is the major responsible for spreading the good news about the natural fuel that is developing by the Crown Eco Org. Just a preview on what is the projects all about..

    BIOMASS AS a fuel for BOILERs

    Biomass for energy often mean plant base material although can equally apply to both animal and vegetable draw from material. Biomass is actually a biological material derive form living or recently living organisms. Biomass chemical composition is carbon based and is composed of a mixture of organic molecules containing hydrogen, usually including atoms of oxygen, often nitrogen and also small quantities of other atoms, including alkali, alkaline earth and heavy metals, metals are often found in functional molecules such as the porphyrins which include chlorophyll which contains magnesium. There are actually 5 basic categories of material of biomass : Virgin wood, Energy crops, Agricultural residues, Food waste, Industrial waste and co-products.

    However, care must also be taken for consideration. Although biomass can be good in some point there are also disadvantages such as: environmental impacts of biomass such as land and water resources, soil erosion, loss of biodiversity and deforestation. Problems associated when burning biomass in boilers are fouling, marketing, low heating value, storage and collections and handling. The future of biomass in boilers depends upon the development of the markets for fossil fuels and on policy decisions regarding the biomass market.
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