Google Voice Number Porting

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    Google Voice Number Porting Now Available

    Jan 25, 2011 by Greg Sterling

    We discussed it last week and today you can officially port your mobile number to Google voice. The blog post announcing Google Voice number porting says it takes 24 hours and costs $20.

    It probably will also count as a termination of your wireless account, triggering early termination fees if applicable. To make it work with your existing carrier you need to get another number and then put that in as one of the devices to ring from your Google Voice number.

    There’s no mention of porting landlines but that will be in high demand I suspect when/if it becomes available.

    To initiate number porting you go into Google Voice settings and click “Change/Port.” It’s live now, these screens are from my account:
    The accompanying promotional video explains the process further:

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