Google TV's Queiroz: 'We're Convinced That We Will Succed'

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    Google TV's Queiroz: 'We're convinced that we will succeed' - Forbes (click for full article)

    TECH | 11/14/2012 @ 11:06AM |

    From the article:

    "It's no secret that Google struggled coming out of the TV box two years ago. The critics arrived early and often and have persisted. The issues ranged widely from controls to content to device, but Casey Newton at c|net concludes today, "Google's latest moves show a willingness to listen to consumers' frustration and work to build a better TV.

    "If that's true, then give some of the credit to Mario Queiroz, Google vice president of Product Management and head of Google TV. In this email interview, Queiroz discusses how Google is working to improve the product, how the TV space has changed the past two years and the variety of angles that Google is using to find its market."
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