Google TV Touts News Offerings

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    Google TV Touts News Offerings

    By David Cohen on January 21, 2011

    [​IMG]YouTube news manager Olivia Ma went to bat for corporate sibling Google TV with a post on the Google TV Blo (detailing the various news options available via the service. She wrote:
    Television is still the main source for the daily news in the home, according to Pew research. Until lately, print and Web news content have been absent from the big screen. We’ve been working with developers to enhance your TV news experience, optimizing both traditional and innovative news sources for Google TV

    The New York Times offers daily TimesCast video-news updates alongside video blogs and featurettes.

    USA Today has improved reading for the big screen: You can browse through the day in photos, stay up to date on sports news, and track the world of business.

    The CNBC News App lets you watch the latest Web videos in business news. Follow the markets as they happen and track your personal, customized stock portfolio.

    The Huffington Post brings together the best of traditional news, the blogosphere, and opinion reporting in its sleek News Glide Web app.

    The Onion covers “the important stories lesser outlets fail to report” through its comedic style.
    Video journalism has also proliferated across YouTube. On YouTube Leanback, viewers have access to rich content from channels like the Associated Press, Al-Jazeera English, and NPR. Alongside traditional news sources, YouTube has built a thriving community of citizen reporters. News and politics channel CitizenTube aggregates video news from across the YouTube community, providing raw footage from the scene of breaking news and unique perspectives from people and places around the world.
    On Google TV, you can get breaking news from many sources: cable, broadcast, the Web, blogs, and even citizen journalists.


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