Google TV to the Sony PS3 ?

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    Microsoft unveil IPTV service at E3 – ahead of Sony’s Google TV announcement?

    June 8, 2011

    Microsoft wrapped up its E3 press conference earlier this week and as rumored the company is rolling out the foundation for some sort of IPTV service. The details aren’t clear yet but it appears that Microsoft has big ambitions for the Xbox 360 console. Rumors of an IPTV service based on Mediaroom have been circulating the Web for the good part of this year. It appears that Microsoft is indeed working on something that will be revealed soon.

    ZDNet reported back in early March, that a source has revealed that Microsoft is working on an IPTV service codename: “Orapa.” This is the name of a city in Botswana and houses one of the largest diamond mines in the world. Incidentally, the name of the rumored subscription level is Diamond level, which is supposed to be higher than Xbox Live’s Gold level.

    According to the site, Orapa is heavily under development currently and will integrate Microsoft’s Mediaroom IPTV with Xbox Live. Apparently this service is planned not only for the Xbox 360 console, but the Windows Phone, Windows OS and set-top-boxes.

    The service is also supposed to integrate Kinect so users can navigate using the sensors on the device. During E3, Microsoft’s head of Xbox Live, Marc Whitten revealed that “This is the year live television comes to Xbox 360.”

    The company did not go into details such as the rumored product codename “Orapa” or other rumors such as the “diamond” level subscription service. However, the company did reveal that it will start with Bing and YouTube integration into the Xbox 360.

    Console competitor, Sony, is already rumored to be working on a deal to bring Google TV to the PS3 which will integrate with YouTube and Google. Microsoft may be preemptively getting ready to roll out a competitive plan before Sony does.

    Microsoft has yet to reveal the full details around the IPTV service but stated that it will be coming this year. While Microsoft’s press conference is over, it is still possible that the company will reveal the details during E3 this week.

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