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    Indiana, Logitech Revue
    Logitech Revue Google TV Technical Details

    12 December 2010
    Logitech Revue with Google TV Technical Details :

    1. Integrates with your HIGHER DEFINITION TV and cable or satellite system to provide seamless access to online, your TV programming, similar value DVRs, and Android applications
    2. When using Logitech Revue for before, customers may automatically collect an over-the-air Google TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER software update. As potential updates become available, downloads may be accepted or declined when system startup.
    3. looks and controls with the intuitive keyboard controller by using built-in touch pad
    4. five. Unifies all your amusement systems with one controlled – no extra mice or remotes needed
    5. five. Requires an HDTV along with HDMI port, cable or maybe satellite box with HDMI out and about, cable or satellite subscriptions company and Internet access
    Cool device with plenty of potential
    I’ve been while using Revue for about a day. Here’s my take on it thus far:
    First, I think it is critical to note that this is usually a first-gen device/release. I’ll talk about what is there currently, which is good, but you need to to look at where the Logitech Revue with Google TV can in the long run go.
    Setup – not thay hard. Connecting it to my own DVR (DirecTV) and wireless router took a few momemts. Overall the setup process takes about a half-hour – primarily because requires 20 minutes or so for the system to download latest updates once it’s on the internet. The system guides you over the process with very clear on screen prompts — I find it hard to think that anyone above the age of 3 couldn’t set this particular up.
    Search – If you’ve ever tried to find a show via ones Cable/Satellite provider’s search prompts, this will change the method that you look for programming. Here’s an idea, you know your staff is playing today, but not sure what national/regional/conference channel it really is on today. Before this Revue, the on screen look for was so bad MY PARTNER AND I only used it like a last resort and it turned out easier to browse the guide to often look for it. With the Logitech Google TV, I hit the search key around the provided keyboard, type in “northwestern” also it provides on screen prompts to either look up video for northwestern, search the web for northwestern, or change the channel on the Big Ten Network channel 610 to watch after the current game. done in about 2 minutes.

    It’s also pretty handy for the people more obscure channels, it is possible to use search to discover a channel. DirecTV doesn’t provide any strategy to do that today. So merely don’t remember what channel TBS is, I can easily just type TBS plus go there, rather as compared to scanning the guide.
    Webcam – the web webcam experience is awesome using the additional HDTV Logitech web cam. It is a great deal more natural to sit here around the couch and chat with someone than sitting experiencing a computer terminal. The quality is outstanding and by mounting on your TV you can have the whole family members on camera to chat instead of crowding around the PC/laptop.

    Web – the Revue comes with the Chrome browser. It’s pretty convenient to use with the keyboard. absolutely speaking, I’m not sure how often I’ll take advantage of this, other than if i recognize I want to get video content, in which case i would rather watch it for the TV than my computer, or if I just want to do a quick search for something and don’t possess my laptop already looking at me.
    Picture-in-picture – feel free to use the browser or applications and keep the TV in PIP.
    ApplicationsContent – this is when the greatest potential with the Revue lies. If you employ the iPhone, the apps are just what exactly make that device – they have an awesome browser, but 9 times outside 10, if there’s an app to do something, that’s easier/better than while using browser to achieve similar task. Same with the Revue – as the app ecosystem evolves, the number of choices are endless. Being in a position to seamlessly stream high-definition Netflix, Amazon video-on-demand, HBO proceed, or YouTube directly for you to my 48" TV display screen is pretty cool.
    now, some key content is blocked on the Revue, which presumably Google holds working out with content material providers. It would be really nice kid stream hulu, abc, nbc, as well as cbs content. Most general websites I browsed using embedded video worked good, but clearly the above media companies are blocking their content using this device. Hopefully that is resolved soon – right this moment I think that’s the biggest missing piece with this specific device.

    Harmony – I delivered electronically the Harmony app for that iPhone, which is just another cool tool to overpower my TV, DVR, google TV. I only downloaded this this morning but it appears as though a cool nice-to-have. used to do have an issue getting this to identify the Logitech Revue with Google TV on the network, but after rebooting (Ctrl-Alt-Del) the Revue my phone promptly recognized it and within a few seconds I was able to control all of my devices on the phone.

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    This looks more like a marketing article than technical one...

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