Google TV & Slingbox = JUNK

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by Stockmoose16, Nov 26, 2012.

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    I have a Slingbox hooked up to a high speed connection, and when I view it from a remote location on my Android Phone, Ipad (using the Android phone's 4g), or my home PC (again, using my Android Phone's 4g), I get a flawless HD stream.

    Given my success with the aforementioned devices, I decided to try my luck with a Google TV device so that I could watch cable on my home TVs without having to pay for another subscription. I first purchased a WDTV Streaming Media Player, and the experience was awful. While it connected to my phone's 4g Hotspot just fine, the Slingplayer app would stall 9 times out of 10 when trying to connect with my remote Slingbox 350. When it did connect, the quality was awful and the signal would usually freeze within a couple minutes. Even worse, the response time when clicking a button was long to the point of rendering the device useless (10-20 seconds for each button push). I cannot understand how this device got on the market. When I contacted WD, I was told that it's a Sling issue. When I contacted Sling, they said it's a WD issue. With that kind of response, I decided it'd be best to return the WDTV rather than deal with the hassle.

    I read up on the forums about the Sony NSZ-GS7 GTV, and it looked like people were having much less trouble using it with the Slingbox. I purchased it, but much to my chagrin, it had major issues too. The GTV would connect to my 4G hotspot, but again, when the Slingplayer app tried connecting to my Slingbox, the connection would regularly time out. When it did connect, it would be short-lived (though, longer than with the WDTV).

    Now I'm at an impasse. I know my internet connection works fine, since I can get it to work with my PC, Android, and Ipad's slingplayer app without issue. So why won't either of these GTVs connect and hold a solid stream using the Slingplayer app? Does it not like my internet hotspot? Can't understand that since it works on all other devices without a hiccup.

    Any suggestions? Is there another device I should try? The only reason I bought GTV is to display my Slingbox on my HDTV.

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