Google TV Plays a New Tune

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    Google TV Plays a New Tune with Indie Musical Channel Addition: Baeblemusic

    April 5, 2011 [​IMG]

    Google TV gives its viewers even more entertainment options, adding the Baeblemusic ("bay-buhl") channel, an indie programming source, into its mix providing music fans endless hours of live concert footage and exclusive interviews with today's top indie bands including Mumford and Sons (pictured above and featured in video below). According to a recent press release, Google TV users will have access to "450 concerts, sessions and interviews with today's best new artists, as well as a highly curated selection of music videos." Now that Google TV streams music straight to your home entertainment system with instant access to all of Baeblemusic's content, you can watch live concerts with your friends and family and catch up on your favorite artists' music and tours through the exclusive interviews.

    Baeblemusic's CEO, David Moffly, mentioned in the press release that: "The Google TV platform is powering the next generation of entertainment brands that want to reach their fans directly wherever and whenever they want to watch quality programming." Baeblemusic is already available on Roku, Boxee and Divx TV platforms. Get into the hipster lifestyle by enjoying performances by Mumford and Sons, Ra Ra Riot, Surfer Blood, Someone Still Loves You, Man Man, The Heavy, Passion Pit and much more, now available on Baeblemusic via Google TV.

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