Google TV Needs To Decide: Platform Or Closed Ecosystem

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    Google TV Needs To Decide: Platform Or Closed Ecosystem | TechCrunch (click for full article)

    "Editor's note: This is a guest post by Andy Liu, CEO of BuddyTV Guide, a channel guide app available on iOS, Android and Google TV.

    There is no debating that consumer adoption of Google TV is extremely disappointing.

    Logitech has dropped out of the business, several online publications including this one have declared the platform dead. While some new OEMs like Vizio, Sony, and LG have launched new devices with Google TV, it's not clear that any meaningful customer adoption will come as a result of these deals.

    I believe there is one big reason it hasn't taken off. It's that Google TV is straddling a dual-strategic approach when it needs to pick one strategy and double down on it.

    Google TV needs to be building a platform that embraces a strong developer ecosystem or it needs to close it down and focus on a closed ecosystem like Apple TV and iterate until it has the right consumer product not both."
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