Google TV might not suck in the future

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    Google TV might not suck in the future

    November 9, 2011


    Day 1 of Streaming Media West included a highly anticipated demo of Google TV, the much maligned, though much improved media platform for your living room.

    To get you up to speed, Google TV came out last year to a lukewarm response. Very few people adopted it, which prompted a complete redesign. That redesign was then realized last week with the release of Google TV 2.0, but unfortunately, at least one critic still found the updated platform plagued with problems. For instance, while CNET's Matthew Moscovciak conceded that the new Android Honeycomb interface is sleek, he still considered the overall experience clunky and frustrating. And I'd have to agree.

    Continue reading the entire article here @ http://download.cnet.com/8301-2007_4-57321219-12/google-tv-might-not-suck-in-the-future/

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    Two points I'd like to make. I think Google TV would sell better if they stopped insisting GTV is not a cord-cutting device - and they would add a TV tuner like Boxee Box is planning to do. In reality the trend nowadays is more people want to ditch there cable box. IMO with the TV tuner Boxee Box will be the 'cord-cutter' set-top box of choice.

    And frankly thus far what good has Google's "let's play nice" with the networks philosophy done? IMO not much because they are still being blocked by the networks/Hulu. And Comcast is the worst of them all in terms of being Google TV friendly. In fact I read an article that said the CEO of Comcast hates Google.

    I do like the idea of Google paying professional producers to have their own channels on YouTube. This is a step in the right direction.

    Secondly with Logitech dropping out of the game - Google needs to announce new hardware partners SOON. I had read an article in which Eric Schmidt was quoted as saying that new hardware partners for GTV would be announced shortly after the GTV Honeycomb update comes out. It would of been a big shot in the arm for GTV if new hardware partners could of been on board for this holiday season. Now it is being reported that new hardware partners will come 'next year". Sigh. I imagine some of the hardware companies are looking at the Honeycomb update closely and are still on the fence about making a commitment.

    I think probably the best course of action would be for Google to design their own box through Motorola. A box that would have a TV tuner, cable card access, - and anyone could pick one up retail WITHOUT going through a cable or satellite company.
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